Modus Games

The gaming world is full of fun, bright, creative people. Modus Games embodies this stereotype, backed with a mission. Modus is a division of Maximum Games focused on bringing AAA publishing services to independent developers around the world. With offices in the US & UK, and a development studio in Brazil, they’re one of the fastest growing full-service game publishers, and are comprised of industry veterans, gamers, and developers who have embraced the golden age of indie.

What they needed was a website that matched their caliber of industry design and development. Pea.brain stepped in and created a backend solution that is user-friendly enough for them to update and create new content without worrying about code – a huge time and hassle saver. As their company grows, they need a site that could keep up. We were super proud to help provide this up-and-comer a strong platform to work from.

  • Client:

    Modus Games

  • Date:

    April 14, 2015

  • Skills:
    • Design
    • Development
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