It’s unfortunate common knowledge that childhood obesity is on the rise. Zamzee saw the scary stats linked with the implications of a sedentary lifestyle, so they made themselves catalysts in the movement revolution for healthy living. In a world of many movement trackers, Zamzee helps kids and families track their steps by offering real rewards for getting and staying active.

Zamzee came to pea.brain during a time of change. While their parent company, Hopelab, went through many different adjustments, we helped them launch their refocused brand not once…not twice, but three times. Our job was to wrangle existing content and fine-tune it to jive with their new brand objectives. True to the core concept of their company, they kept us on our toes (literally), but we couldn’t be happier to see their interactive final product!

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    January 29, 2016

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    • Design
    • HTML
    • jQuery
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